Rigid Terms Of Service

By using our website services, game services and any other service related to Rigid Online you agree to follow our houserules accordingly and refrain from using any bugs, glitches, mistakes to your own advantage.
You also agree to not chargeback any donation after receiving the virtual currency (Coins, Rigid Coins).

Nobody likes cheaters, racists, disrespectful people and here at Rigid it's no different, that's why we have a few important rules you should follow to keep your account safe, clean and unbanned.
On our server we want to keep things clean and in order to do so we came up with a 3-strikes punishment system.
Kick and/or Prison, Temporary Ban and Permanent Ban.
We are allowed to differ from our 3-strike system at any time, usually when someone keeps repeating and/or does something so unacceptable that we'll issue a ban on all platforms involving Rigid.
Our terms can change at any time.
You can be imprisoned for things which are not stated on this page. Small issues could be resolved this way.

Strike 1 You will be kicked from the game or you will be jailed for a variable amount of minutes/hours.
This will be a simple disconnect or jailing.
Strike 2 You are a repeat offender, your account will be restricted from entering the game.
Your account can be disabled for hours/days/weeks
Strike 3 There is no way back, your account is disabled forever and you won't be able to request it back.
According to rules, Gamemasters may permanently ban your account immediately.
The lightest form of a punishment is a simple kick or being sent to prison. A disconnect from the gameserver or a jailsentence performed by a Game Master. The list below will give you an indication of what you shouldn't do to get kicked and/or imprisoned.
  • Insulting our crew which is everyone who is in the RigidCrew guild!
  • Racism, any form of racism in a public chat.
  • Performing PvP activities with 2 characters.
  • Using a program to spam the general/public chat.
  • Spreading fake news and making false statements about the game, staff and/or other players.
  • Impersonating staff, support and other crew memebers.
Usually when a player gets prisoned, you'll be faced with one of the times below.
  • 300 Minutes / 5 Hours
  • 700 Minutes / ~11.5 Hours
  • 1100 Minutes / ~18 Hours
  • 5000 Minutes / ~83 Hours
Note: GM may apply a longer time if needed.
A temporary ban can be issued by a Game Master, this can differ from a short period of time to a larger one such as weeks. Depending on the rule you broke the Game Master will punish you.
  • Provoking other players to quit the server.
  • Manipulating ingame/website rankings.
  • Manipulating ingame dungeons, events and systems for your own advantage using the HWID (2 characters).
  • Manipulating ingame dungeons, events and systems for your own advantage using your friends to purposely kill you or get killed by yourself.
The list below can be applied by a Game Master at any time without any strike, we do not tolerate any broken rule which is described below. The account will not be unbanned.
  • Chargeback, every donation is final.
  • Bypassing, breaking and/or abusing our Hardware ID Limit (Currently set at 2).
  • Advertising other servers.
  • Using real money to buy and sell items from Rigid.
  • Using bugs to your advantage.
  • Providing links to websites that are intended to scam/hack an account and install malware on the user's computer.
  • Providing fake links to fake events.
  • Using and keeping forbidden items such as items which were not gained legally.
  • Scamming.
We have tight rules on our Discord to keep things civil. We do not appreciate massive spam and flame wars, these will be punished. See the list below!
  • Spamming, flaming and hating will be muted. You can get unmuted by a Rigid Crew Member.
  • Advertising will get you banned on our server.
  • No offensive or inappropriate names.
  • No spamming of .bug .suggestion .post .playerinfo and other bot commands.
  • Other languages than English are not allowed in #general chat.
  • Racism will not be tolerated.
  • Insulting in #general will result in a mute.